Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce): "Everyone will know soon, always c

  • The milestones and achievements of the Kansas City Chiefs all-professional near-end Travis Kelce so far this season have made him even more popular in the league. The large numbers in each game attracted the attention of NFL video game giant EA Sports because they updated the Madden 21 Coins score, bringing Kelce's overall score to 99 points.

    The 99-level member Patrick Mahomes proudly announced the latest social media upgrade earlier this week. Kelce talked about this latest honor at a press conference on Friday, which fully reflects his years of playing himself in Madden.

    "Cool guy. I remember that even a few years ago, I was still creating a player to get all his ratings to 99, or at least to get his overall score to 99." "I mean, this is At the peak of that video game, that video game was everything to me when I was a kid. Returning to Christmas at Christmas is life itself. In seven or eight years, seeing myself from 73 or my rookie The year has risen to 99 and it’s cool to see the development, so scream crazy and don’t forget to update your list."

    Kelce became the second Majors and received the highest rating from Madden. Close behind is WR Tyreek Hill, hovering at 98 overall. Kelce thinks Hill will not be long joining the exclusive club.

    "I will spend an extra week, man," Case said. "I still don’t understand that he is not 99, and the speed is not 99. No one has caught him yet. Man, it’s just a matter of time. It’s a matter of time. Then a team will have 3 99s, and everyone will know soon. Always choose the chief in Madden."

    For the Chiefs, this is an exciting time as they are also seeking the top seed of the AFC in the final quarter of the season. In Kansas City's best trip to Miami to face the Dolphins on Sunday, Hill will definitely join the 99 club with his teammates. In madden 21, if you feel isolated and helpless, then Cheap MUT 21 Coins on the GameMS website, you will have a strong team.