Path of Exile: Judgement of the Eternal Labyrinth

  • In "Path of Exile", you must complete six special tests for the Eternal Labyrinth. This is a randomly generated dungeon for advanced players. This is the preparation method.

    This is the eternal maze: for the highest maze version, you need level 60. Six different tests can be randomly found on the maps in the atlas. As a reward for the exam, you will also receive a "gift for the goddess". Entering the eternal maze will cost POE Currency.

    Features of Eternal Labyrinth: In the process of experiencing the story, you should have completed the first three labyrinth exams. Unlike the initial test, the version of the Eternal Labyrinth is harder to find and more deadly.

    Once you start exploring the atlas and running the map, you have a chance to find one of the six tests on the map. But in the end, which of these six will be completely random.

    This is the annoying thing: it may mean you have to take a long time to finally unlock them all. Therefore, not only must you look for an exam first, but it must also be an unfinished exam. But don’t worry: you can use some tricks to simplify your search.

    Use the prophecy of "Dream Judgment" to increase your chances of finding a trial on the map. You can get them through Buy POE Currency or trading with other players. Join the English game chat 820 by typing "/global 820" in the chat window and confirming with Enter. You can ask for information about the special trial there, or whisper directly to the person who provided the map on their map. If you want to be one of the good people, please give your assistant some pocket money, thank you! Sometimes NPC Zana provides you with the purpose of completing checks on the map.