Madden 21: 3 reasons why the next version is not very important

  • The new version of Madden has many new features and improvements throughout. Is the next version of Madden 21 important? Or does the NFL have a small share of the premier video games on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

    When gamers argue about "Madden vs. NFL 2K", there is a strong reason for the latter, that is, it has always provided players with excellent intermission time. For the Madden community, this seems to be the best part of the past decade, and Madden 21 Coins has been the focus of debate. The next generation version will be powerless to solve this problem, and it is unclear whether it will change in Madden 22. Some people may wonder why halftime performances are even important, but in the final analysis, fans of the sport just want a meaningful NFL experience similar to what they see on TV every Sunday.

    At this point, it is clear that annual franchise rights like Madden will undergo rapid changes in the development process. Players want to make meaningful big changes, but the reality is that developers are in a difficult situation, where contours are the first task, not innovation. This is why new features and changes have felt like dripping water over the past seven years. Until more studios are allocated to franchise or release rhythm changes, only small changes will be seen year after year.

    When Madden was launched in the middle of a year, when new game consoles appeared, no innovation was usually seen. The game production cycle is 6-9 months, and developers are unlikely to be satisfied with the new tools before 2021. The publisher also promised to focus on developing the franchise model of MUT Coins next year. Many people hope to start again in 2021, and the Madden NFL franchise may be on their side.