Path of Exile: Excellent Heist Building

  • If you are worried about how to perform better in the heist of the Path of Exile, then you should try two excellent buildings. Path of Exile’s latest league, Heist, includes a brand new endgame event for players to proceed. Although these robbers sometimes go off-road, they can provide a lot of POE Currency for those who bravely face the overthrown guards.

    When Ball Lightning is used in combination with Archmage in 3.12, its damage value is huge. As a top-level construction, the working principle of this construction is to obtain a Forbodding Mana Flask and drink it as much as possible. After a few seconds, the player will repeatedly gain thousands of mana points per second, causing the archmage to consume all the player's mana, thus gaining millions of damage per second.

    As for the advantages, there are some options. Hierophant is a good choice due to its permanent arcane surge and micro-consciousness of material mechanisms. If the player chooses a sage, don’t grab the Mind Sanctuary because it will reduce the damage output. Alternatively, the ascending party can become multiple types as pathfinders and interrogators. The Pathfinder can help keep the flask filled, and the Interrogator can inflict additional damage.

    Aurastacking is a very powerful mechanism in Path of Exile. Players must focus on obtaining reduced mana reserves and increasing the aura effect of their equipment. Fortunately, clustered jewels can provide a halo effect, and items and jewels can provide mana reserves.

    The purpose is to make full use of the radius to support any skill. Most players choose magic knives because they are very fast to eliminate. The biggest improvement of the building is that the Necromancer will increase the attack speed and casting speed of each aura, the Guardian will improve survivability, and the Ascender will combine the nature of the Necromancer. No matter which way Wizards and Guardians choose, this version is one of the strictest and highest DPS versions in the game. Unfortunately, this build actually requires an upgrade from Exalts 50 to 100. If the player Buy POE Currency, the arrangement is almost impossible to stop.