Madden NFL 21 reveals next-generation new features

  • As Madden 21 prepares to execute its wealth plan on December 4th, EA Sports is working hard to release new features and elements that will be released soon. EA shared information about Madden 21 Coins for PS5 and Xbox Series X demo features, focusing on hyper-realism and other slightly modified fan elements.

    The company prides itself on being a "reality ball", while also enhancing lighting functions and facts. EA said that the details of shadows and lighting will be very obvious, and visibility will be affected by weather and night games. Players on the sidelines have the shape, name, body type and skin type of the player. When the athlete runs or is taken out of bounds, the athlete will jump out of the court, cross the bounds or enter and exit obstacles.

    The sideline character is set to see and react in the game. The development of head tracking technology and the unique interaction of all the characters in the player's box without causing new celebrations are also included in the next generation of revival, especially the ability to enter 13 stadiums. In addition, EA also provides stadium-specific sounds designed to accurately represent your position on the stadium to locate you.

    Electronic Arts (EA) founder Terry Hawkins (Trip Hawkins) bought the series of films and went to Madden in 1984 with recognition and expertise. In terms of accurately displaying different body types and bodies, the player Buy Madden 21 Coins has a great return. In other words: Julian Edelman and DK Metcalf no longer have the same muscle definition.