Tips for earning currency in the path of exile

  • Although Path of Exile is a complex game, fortunately players can use a variety of activities and strategies to increase their income. Whether using the alliance mechanism or investing in Maps, players who insist on the breadth of the Path of Exile system will get a complete set of POE Currency items and some of the rarest items in the game. Here are a few tips that can help players make money on the road to exile.

    Heist is a great way to make money because every contract and plan provides a large number of items. All the player has to do is to open as many boxes as possible without sounding an alarm. Upgrade the thief and his equipment to increase the number of boxes that can be opened before the alarm is issued. Please note that the alliance mechanic may not be in a 3.13 or higher alliance.

    Einhar is closely related to orc technicians. Players can assist hunters in capturing powerful and rare creatures with unique modifiers, which can then be used to craft or modify items. For most people, Bestiary is regarded as a niche alliance mechanism, if done well, it can be said to be the most profitable alliance mechanism in "Path of Exile".

    Delve is an alliance mechanism involving a cave created by the player's exploration program, which will always branch off. For Delve, players must Buy POE Currency. When the player decides to drill a hole, it is best to dig to a depth of about 200, and use as much sulfite as possible to cross the cave at this depth. After finishing, enter the dark passage, look for the impenetrable walls, open the cache and explore the road. These areas can provide currency, drops, fossils and valuable resonators. Each resonator can consume up to 30 chaotic states. Once the player has set up Delve, it can become one of the most profitable activities in the game.