Path Of Exile’s Next Expansion Will Still Be Large But More Foc

  • Grinding Gear Games performed well on "Path Of Exile" this year, producing the usual three films, and another film is scheduled to be released in December. However, the situation is not all smooth sailing, as Chris Wilson announced today, some changes are underway.

    A large part of the reason for the difficult development of the expansion of POE Currency is the occurrence of the pandemic. Although we have many measures to deal with, the gathering of various pressures will inevitably increase the challenge. If the task is relatively simple, the development speed will be very fast. Based on "clear time patterns that took less time to develop than expected (or more)", this led to widespread acceptance of extensions.

    In particular, the Heist seems to have more adjustments and patches than usual, leading to "serious internal discussions on how to reorganize the development process to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion." The studio has decided that the December 3.13 update will have " Very specific scope", which contains everything needed for the "large "Path Of Exile" expansion, but nothing more." Wilson personally took over the production of the expansion, hoping to limit the spread of features and provide a closer, more focused player experience , "Finish the most important changes and do them well."

    This expansion will focus on half of Heist’s development time, focusing on the “World Atlas”, and Wilson hopes: “different” and the new limited focus will help the company maintain a 13-week new In the content cycle, he believes that this is the best choice for continuous growth and long-term health of POE Chaos Orb.