Path of Exile: 2 tips for building

  • Creating a build in "Path of Exile" is an interesting experience, but it seems very complicated. These tips will help make it look more approachable.

    Compared with most ARPGs, "Path of Exile" provides players with a dazzling selection. Players need to view the passive tree spanning more than a thousand nodes, analyze the equipment that can be modified by making POE Currency, and consider the skill gem settings they have.

    Flask is one of the most overwhelming mechanics in the path of exile. When the player's flasks are kept up and running, the difficulty of killing them will increase exponentially, and even their DPS can be greatly increased. When designing which gear is best for the build, come up with the best flask to fit the build, and remember to keep it active while playing.

    For example, the above-mentioned "mental endurance" and "Archmage Auxiliary Gem" mana problems can be easily solved with an omen mana flask, which will immediately provide a large amount of mana after a short waiting period. Drinking this flask continuously will give the player almost unlimited mana after a few seconds.

    In addition to gaining 75% elemental resistance, almost every experienced Path of Exile player will declare that gaining life nodes is essential to maintaining life. Reaching a minimum life of 160% is the beginning, although passive trees are preferred to achieve a lifespan of 180% to 200%.

    However, the defense layer exceeds the high life cycle. Any construction that focuses on the right part of the tree should consider grabbing acrobatic ladder stones and other sources of dodge to avoid attacks. Summoners, gladiators, and shield users should get as many blocks as possible. The regeneration of life or energy shields is also very valuable for reducing the deterioration of the ground, fire and poisoning.

    Don't forget the guard skills, these skills can absorb a lot of damage in a critical moment. Binding Guard Guard skills with Exalted Orb, so that these skills have continuous uptime. Every build should strive to have some kind of guard skills and several defense methods beyond the large life pool.