Path of Exile Tricks and Tips 2020

  • This guide will help orient you to the complex structure of Path of Exile and give you a heads up to some of the more obscure mechanics in the game.

    Choose a Cheap Build

    All builds weren’t made equal. Some provide a lot of power for little investment but don’t scale as well into the endgame, while others require lots of specific and expensive items but can tackle any challenge thrown at them. Spell-based builds tend to be less gear-reliant than attack-based builds as a large portion of the damage they deal come from the base properties of the gems they use. Choosing a safe spell-based build (such as a totem-focused Heirophant) is a great way to get an early foothold in a league.

    Go Against the Flow

    If you plan on trading for items, choosing an off-meta build is the way to go. Playing in a particularly Witch-heavy league? That just makes gearing up your Duelist much cheaper. By choosing a build few others are playing you are guaranteed to have access to all the key items at a significant discount, and can sell items you’re not using at a premium.

    Spend Money to Make Money

    Buying items from other players requires that you have POE Currency , so it is a good idea to save what you find – but don’t forget that currency items like Orbs of Alchemy could also provide a much-needed boost during leveling. Keep an eye out for items with the right sockets, because in the long run it is probably better to spend one Alch on some extra stats that will push you into the endgame faster than several Jeweller’s Orbs on an item you’ll soon replace anyway.

    Stash Good Leveling Items

    Many players play multiple characters per league. It’s a no-brainer to keep a Goldrim around for levelling alternate characters, but it’s less obvious to keep an eye out for good low-level rares as you blow through early acts. A low level rare weapon with high damage can make levelling your Juggernaut so easy it almost feels like cheating.

    Use Your Crafting Bench

    You know you’re going to end up with hundreds of Orbs of Augmentation later, so why not spend some now? Any spare mod slot on an item is an opportunity to speed up your leveling. Extra life, mana, attributes or resistances can solve almost any problem you’re likely to run up against. Whenever you find a new item you want to use, it’s worth seeing what you can craft onto it.

    Check the Vendors

    Vendors often sell items that can be resold for a Chromatic Orb and, less commonly, sell items with six sockets that can be sold for seven Jeweller’s Orbs. Check vendors whenever you happen to be in town and by the time you hit maps you may have a lot more socket-modifying currency to experiment with.

    Stash Quality Gems

    Getting the quality of your skill and support gems up can be time-consuming, so stashing gems with quality that you may use on another character is a great way to shortcut this process. It can also be a great starting place for figuring out your next build.

    A Unique Collection

    Sometimes a build falls into your lap, but if you vendor every unique you don’t want to use, you may not even realize it. By stashing build-defining Unique items, when the time comes to start your second character, your build may be 90-percent of the way there.

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