Perhaps stealing creation could be moved

  • Hopefully folks RS3 gold will see where I'm coming from here. But so far as I can tell, the general idea is awful. Rather than making sure minigames are relocated to appropriate locations given their backstory, they will just be bundled into a stupid site?

    Whatever the case, I chose to take a look at exactly what minigames were actually in the jungle: -Clan Wars, Mage Arena, All Fired Up, Stealing Generation, Fist of Guthix. Almost all these seem to be intensely"wild-centred", which is to say they don't make sense just thrown someplace else. The Mage Arena is frightening since it is at the far north and you run the chance of being attacked on your way (and both you can't fight in as excellent equipment in the event you get attacked), all fired up takes place through the jungle and to eliminate it would be foolish as it is an effort to show that a wilderness safeguard may operate, stealing creation is a camp devoted to the worship and reincarnation of the revenant spectres that haunt the godwars battlefields, and the predator of guthix is an ancient battle site guarded by the druids of guthix where lots of warriors come to struggle daily and gain some of it has electricity.

    I understand that activities 3 or 2 on the listing will stay, and understand that Clan Wars doesn't need to have to be wilderness focused-the ability to resist each other for purposes of training could easily be relocated to, say, Al Kharid's famous duel stadium. Have the mages establish a few interdimensional rifts employing exactly the identical magic used to make POHs (yes there's a backstory:D ) and which will be nice and dandy.

    Perhaps stealing creation could be moved, given the revenants are now gone to a cave. In my view, the mystic's camp ought to be located in the centre. However, does Fist of Guthix have to go? There is a teleport option supplied for associates, and buy RuneScape gold hey, you put yourself at risk of being murdered but not losing anything-what's wrong with that? I wouldn't mind, personally.