How to travel fast in Path of Exile

  • Newbie players in the Path of Exile game need to know that if they can master how to travel quickly, they can save a lot of time to earn POE Currency or collect various rare materials. Because of the different locations and modes of action, it is difficult for them to find a way out. Many games have instructions convenient for players to play, just like players quickly jump to a certain area in the Assassin’s Creed series of games or use instructions in GTA5 to get the required vehicles.

    Fast travel in the game is very simple. All players need to do is find Waypoint that can be used in most areas, including towns. The waypoints for fast travel are bright blue rune objects on the floor. They can choose to move to any Waypoint visited previously by clicking it. Players can also open the map interface to select the destination they want to go to and click Act to travel between different areas. When the players accept the task, it will also display a special sign on the map to show the specific location of the task.

    Players who have played GTA5 may be familiar with the commands in Path of Exile. If the players are in the town at this time and want to go to Menagerie, they only need to enter / menagerie on the page. In the same way, if they want to go to the Azurite Mine, they only need to enter / delve, and if they want to go to the Tarn Lab, you only need to enter / metamorph.

    If they want to go back to town, it is easy to do. Many enemies will drop teleport scrolls after death. Players only need to right-click one of them to create a portal. After entering the portal, the system will immediately send them to the designated destination. They can also re-enter the portal before it disappears and return to the original place of travel.

    Novice players who can master these small skills are bound to achieve success ahead of others. And after they have more time and energy, they can Buy POE Currency first and then come back to fight the monsters or plan robberies. Very good!