What's so attractive about the Path of Exile Heist league

  • Many game commentators from the outside world don’t quite understand the fun of the POE Heist League released by GGG in September this year. Indeed, as outsiders, people who have not really entered the league to experience the series of processes from forming a team of thieves to planning an action plan to specific implementation steps to obtain POE Currency to safe evacuation do not get the same thrilling experience as players.

    So far, the Path of Exile Heist League has lasted for over two months. Many players already know the details of the robbery. Those exiles who have just joined Path of Exile need to go to Rogue Harbor to form a squad of thieves. The squad members must have different practical skills. For example, some thieves can spy on intelligence, some thieves are good at unlocking, some thieves are good at escape, and so on. The cooperation between the skills of these thieves can improve the odds of the players’ actions.

    Most players who start a robbery for the first time usually fail. That’s because they didn’t keep enough alert to the alarm. No matter if the sound is too loud during the action or they kill the guard, the level of the alarm sound will gradually rise. Once the novice players successfully robbed the item, they will be too excited to ignore the guards coming from all directions. The guards will desperately catch the thieves. What makes the players feel most disappointed is that the treasures they stole will also disappear. It means that all the efforts made before the action waste.

    The old players who have been playing in Heist for over two months are difficult to make this mistake. They have used unique mechanisms to make a lot of profits for themselves. Now planning Grand Heists is their focus of the game. So novice players should not only go to the player community to learn more about the experience shared by other players, but also Buy POE Currency to further improve the success rate of the action.