What people can see after downloading the latest POE patch

  • On November 11 this year, GGG released the latest 1.66 patch to Path of Exile to fix the bugs that players complain the most and improve the existing parts of the game that are worth optimizing. Players are also thrilled to comment on the sincere improvement from the game team. They will have more enthusiasm to work hard in the game to get more POE Currency. Now let’s look at what they have improved in this patch.

    The first is that the depth of the sapphire mine has increased to 65535, so players who are very adventurous can now continue to dive to get more rare and valuable ores. The game team also improved the variability of the ground texture of the glacier expansion hideout. Because players previously reported that when they were hiding in a glacier, it was too easy to be discovered by others based on changes in the ground's texture, so the developers made such adjustments. The adjustments on towering mountains are like those on glaciers.

    In the POE 3.12.4b patch some time ago, there are factors that may slow down the pace of players’ games, which have now eliminated. Also, if players have previously disabled the function during the “imminent lock-in” period, engineering and agile traps may not activate during the lock-in period. Previously, because of the change of the robbery trinket modifier, it was impossible to reserve the correct amount for players when a bunch of currencies converted to another currency type. Now this problem does not exist.

    The best thing is that the game team has fixed a bug that caused the client to crash when players quit the game in the past. It allows players to do their own thing in time without worrying about it anymore. In the coming months, new patches will appear one after another to further optimize the problems in the game. Players had better Buy POE Currency to maintain their own game activities. Go ahead!