Where did the idea to develop the POE Heist league come from

  • After each previous league is over, Grinding Gear Games will absorb some inspirations based on player feedback and game performance in the past three months for the next new league. Just like the Harvest League that ended in September, its development was inspired by Stardew Valley. Players have got many POE Currency and precious materials through their own efforts in that league. The inspiration for the development of this new league is mainly from the movie Ocean’s 11, filmed by Steven Soderbergh.

    GGG co-founder Chris Wilson and studio technical director Jonathan Rogers are considering the subject of an upcoming expansion plan in February. For them, there is still no clue about the 3.14 extension. They had the current idea after watching a racing movie, which is to create a new extension with this theme. But they do not know how feasible this plan is. In the end, they entered Ocean 11 or other robbery movies on the list and thought it was cool.

    Many players have been in the Heist League for nearly two months. The main gameplay is that players need to form a team of well-balanced thieves before the robbery, be careful in the action, and get rid of the guards after the action and quickly escape the scene. Of course, this requires careful planning by the players before they can implement it. Otherwise, it can only be a waste of effort for those inexperienced players.

    Most people have already discovered how the inspiration described by Wilson appeared in the Heist League. In addition, those new players must remember that they must sneak in the protected facilities after they reach the robbery site, otherwise it will quickly cause riots and cause the guards to alert. But these robberies can’t be done in stealth, because when you finally grab the treasure, everyone will realize your existence. Although this is difficult, it can bring greater rewards to players.

    In short, no matter where it is, risk and return are always proportional. So if players are really worried about whether their robbery can be completed successfully, they can Buy POE Currency first to increase the guarantee of the success of the action.