GGG has added some new system mechanisms to Path of Exile

  • According to recent feedback from players, GGG has released the New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System in Path of Exile a few days ago. These new mechanisms optimize the game experience of players, enabling them to play the game more without distraction. The players are also thrilled about this. They hope to use these newly added features to help them plan the use of POE Currency and POE Items.

    Among these newly added things, New Stash Tab Folders is the one most used by players. Players can categorize the loot they have collected. For example, if they have collected rare materials that have fallen from monsters or enemies, they can put it in the material folder, if they find POE Orbs or POE Items and put them in the currency folder. In this way, in future actions, they won’t have to delay the game process because they spend time looking for things.

    Players will also sort out more idle space to accumulate items. They can sell items that are of little use to them to those players who need it in exchange for a certain amount of POE Currency or materials. If they want to create a storage label folder in the storage label, click the folder icon in which they want to create the folder. The good news is that players can create almost unlimited folders.

    GGG also discussed storage tag affinity, which will help players allocate storage tags for certain special items. If they hold down the Ctrl key and click on an item, the item will be sent to the storage tab and sent directly to the folder they have previously sorted. Players can also set the affinity on any hidden tab and even set the affinity on the idle hidden tab.

    For example, if players lack some precious materials in the future, they can Buy POE Currency to get these materials and then put them in a fixed material folder so that they can find them easily when they want to use them.