The release time of the POE 3.13 extension strongly conflicts w

  • Now it seems that cyberpunk game dealers have little expectations for their latest games. Their players may feel disappointed after seeing the latest version in December. But now it’s not just the cyberpunk fans who are disappointed, but also the POE fans. POE manufacturer GGG recently announced that they have decided to postpone the release time of the new extension originally scheduled to release in December to January next year to avoid the release time of Cyberpunk 2077. POE players can only reserve POE Currency to wait for the available time.

    GGG CEO declared on social media that they made such a decision in order to prevent players from getting into the dilemma of choice disorder. Although players cannot start a new game journey as originally planned, it also leaves a lot of time for the game team to add more fresh and fun elements to the 3.13 expansion. If there is still enough time, the game team will also start the development of the POE 3.14 extension. Players can also use the mechanisms in the current Heist League to hoard more rare and useful materials and game currency.

    Loyal fans know that since the first official release of Path of Exile, the game has maintained a strong vitality. The management’s decision to postpone the release of the patch shows that the company has analyzed it. Most people who are POE fans should choose Cyberpunk 2077 as a transition. Since it is one of the 3A games, the price will not be low by then. Players who are not interested in Cyberpunk 2077 can only continue to play existing games. GGG also apologized to the players for this.

    As before, if they delay the game because of force majeure, novice players should work hard to Buy POE Currency to enhance their ability to respond to challenges and risks in the future game journey. Now they should still focus on Heist to seek more.