Two interesting and practical POE Builds are waiting for player

  • POE Heist not only ended the players’ agricultural activities in the Harvest League but also changed the way they cultivate POE Currency. Unlike previous league gameplay, the main game method in this league is to require players to form a team of thieves to rob cultural relics or treasures. Before creating heists, players not only need to buy some items conducive to the heist but also need to learn some practical Builds to further increase the success rate of the action.

    The first practical Build is Toxic Rain Miner Trickster. Instead of using a bow to release poisonous rain, players can use mines to support them, quickly applying multiple piles of poison on the target. It is much cheaper than the Pathfinder selfcast variant and does not have to rely on the flask to defend against this defect. Although it will cause some loss while using it, under normal circumstances, players can ignore the loss.

    The second build that is very helpful to players is called Carrion Golem Elementalist. Some players may have noticed that golem-related equipment has become more expensive in Heist. This is because of the proliferation of player alliances at the beginning, and Carrion Golem Elementalist has become a powerful minion who can reduce all content with minimal investment. Carrion Golems can defeat all enemies fiercely and effortlessly, because they can cause tremendous damage when calling more minions.

    If players want these Builds to exert more powerful capabilities, they can Buy POE Chaos Orb and POE Items to improve their strength. Only when their own strength rises, Builds will show a stronger power. This way no one can match.