POE players need to be good at taking advantage of each charact

  • There are many characters in POE, and players can also create their own characters to play the game. However, several friends enter POE, but after a period, their strengths will be different. Why is this? It may be because some players have already browsed many game related guides before entering the game and have a deeper understanding of POE. After entering the game, some players use POE Currency they purchased before to promote their growth. But the fundamental reason is that everyone has a different level of control over their role advantages.

    There are three attribute-type roles in the game, namely strength and agility and intelligence. And its seven playable character categories associated with one or more attributes. The player selects a category for his character in the character creation screen. A newly created character travels through Wraeclast in Twilight. Each character category has a different starting position on the passive skill tree, and has starting attributes, statistics, and task rewards.

    If the player has used movement skills in the past 4 seconds, Trickster will give them a chance to generate energy impulse and frenetic charge when they kill, and also generate extra damage based on the non-chaotic damage at the time of the hit and flat mana regeneration. If they do not hit the players in the past 4 seconds, they can reduce their immunity. In addition, if you kill an enemy affected by your damage in the past 4 seconds, you can improve your recovery ability. Trickster is the most versatile advantage in the game. The benefit of Trickster is almost every build in the game.

    There are many other roles waiting for those who have just joined POE to experience. In fact, the game team has previously suggested that novice players should first go to its official forum or game community to read some game guides before entering the game, and then Buy POE Currency and POE Items, which are very helpful for their future development in the game.