What should novice players do to enjoy POE Heist well

  • As we all know, POE players who want to experience the new league need to go to Rogue Harbor to form a team of thieves with a reasonable lineup before they can start their robbery. As with recent leagues, players can find all content related to the robbery in the Rogue Harbor. Rogue Harbor is a new social space, players can only access Rogue Marker and POE Currency. Players will need to wander Rogue Harbor frequently to adjust their roles, use blueprints to plan Grand Heists, and complete their own contracts.

    The biggest difference between Grand Heists and ordinary robberies lies in the level of alarms triggered by players. The gauge will fill according to the opened box and find by certain objects in the environment. Although the developers have stated that they plan to change the alert level system, after the recent patch, players killing targets will no longer increase Heist’s alert level. If the alert level in the robbery reaches or exceeds 100%, the player will have a short time to steal the target item before it is permanently closed.

    Once the player puts the target item in the inventory, the guards’ lock on the player will begin. At this stage, guards will flood into the treasure land to catch thieves. The player must escape the scene as quickly as possible. Dyeing during this period will cause all stolen items to remain on the ground. The game team strongly recommends that players bring bait totems, minions or some form of agricultural control measures to make choke battles easier to manage.

    To achieve greater success in Heist, players must rely on the help of many POE Chaos Orb and POE Items. Even if they really lack such materials, they can find a reliable agent website to Buy POE Currency. Be careful!