Players on the console can now enjoy the excitement from POE He

  • GGG stated on the 24th of last month that their development team took three months to develop the third league named Heist for POE this year. This league is to undertake the end of Harvest. Many players have neglected to get the fun of the game itself because they devoted themselves to planting in Harvest. Although they did not fully experience the charm of Harvest, fortunately, POE Currency they got from planting before can finally play a big role in POE Heist.

    After entering Heist for the first time, players need to go to Rogue Port to form a team of thieves with a balanced ability according to their needs and economic capabilities. If they want to create Grand Heists, Ah Ma must plan a detailed action plan and risk plan to ensure that the guards will not catch the guards in the process of thieves’ treasures and they will steal nothing. The guards judge the player’s environment based on the sound level of the alarm. So they must remember not to make too much noise.

    Although the alarm will sound if the players steal the treasure, but as long as the players escape quickly and the route is correct, the guards cannot catch the players. Back to the part that I just said to pay attention to. Players must send some thieves good at collecting intelligence to investigate the guarding situation and distribution map of the treasure before the action, so they can quickly take down the target and evacuate quickly after the action starts.

    In any case, players should consciously go to Buy Chaos Orb and POE Items to maintain their own game activities. The exciting and refreshing Heist League is waiting for players to enjoy, regardless of platform. Go and fight, warrior in exile!