Players expressed dissatisfaction about bug that appeared when

  • Before POE Heist was released, many players had already pre-downloaded it. However, some players reported that they would often fail or pause for no reason during the previous pre-download. Fortunately, GGG has now found a suitable solution to provide players with the latest gaming experience in time. Those players who want to experience Heist are best to take the lead in preparing some POE Currency before entering the game so that it is safer.


    As we all know, the fundamental reason why POE can achieve such a huge success lies in its innovative ideas. Every time the league is launched in a three-month cycle, it will bring players a completely different gaming experience than before. This approach not only maintains the vitality of the game but also continues to attract people to join POE Currency. The Heist League launched by GGG this time will provide a reasonable platform for players who desire to rob. They can form a team of thieves to steal the areas that contain precious treasures. At the same time, many novel items and improvements have been added to the game.


    However, the bad news is that for many factors, the new league not release on time. Many players say that they will have problems when pre-downloading new leagues. Not only that, the problem also prevented players from accessing the rest of the game, forcing them to download the entire game again. The good news is that Grinding Gear is aware of this problem and has found a solution. The official team has responded to the players’ feedback on social media. Anyone dealing with pre-download errors can solve it themselves.


    Depending on everyone’s technical knowledge and download speed, this may not be the most practical option for everyone trying to solve this problem. Fortunately, Grinding Gear stated that it is investigating Heist’s download issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. With luck, this means it will solve the problem very quickly. POE players can now Buy POE Items as their pre-event funds to start their heist actions. Come on!