How to improve the core stats of my players in NBA 2K21

  • NBA 2K21 allows players to create their own custom characters. Players need to collect NBA 2K21 MT to get MyPlayer.

    MyPlayer core data is essential to help players expand the NBA 2K21 lineup. NBA 2K finally participates in NBA 2K21 here every year. Although there is little change between each iteration, the metagame does evolve with each release. Measure the player's data and reflect their performance in the actual NBA season. This is the main reason why customers line up for the next major NBA championship every year. This guide will help players build their skills and data for their custom roles in NBA 2K21.

    From Sega Dreamcast to PlayStation 5, the NBA 2K series has been released on almost every major platform. The series has also derived its own derivative products, such as NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, which shines in arcade games. The genre has more than 450 players to choose from, as well as colorful and peculiar graphics, separate from the solid and realistic gameplay of the original game. Although with each new entry, the meta-game will continue to evolve, thereby changing the way players shoot, pass and play the entire game. This is how players can improve the core stats of NBA 2K21.

    The core statistics are divided into 5 different categories, namely speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance. In order to increase these, players will need to use VC to buy attribute points. The best way for players to unlock VC is to practice and play games. Not only that, players can also visit the Gatorade training facility once a day. This will provide players with some training exercises to increase certain attributes of the mini-game. Although, these can only be performed once every day of the week. Make sure to get in the habit of visiting this habit every day to get some statistics easily.

    Although NBA 2K21 has not completely changed, it has improved in the form of previous competitions. Shooting technicians are more strict and accurate, and the "MyCareet" mode constructs an interesting underdog story, which is still an interesting season. NBA 2K21 is still one of the best basketball games there. Buy 2K MT may be the most convenient and quick way to get high-level players.