Path of Exile gained a cyberpunk league

  • When Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear Games, conceived for the "Path of Exile" alliance, he did not shy away from admitting to borrowing from other works. The upcoming PoE Heist League appeared because he caught Ocean's 11-year-old on Netflix, and the studio borrowed from games such as Pokemon in the past. You need to complete new challenges to earn Chaos Orb and build weapons from scratch.

    The Incursion League influences the past by going to the temple and killing specific architects. The way the temple is built will vary depending on who you kill. If you kill someone who plans to build a weapon room, you may return to the current location of the weapon room to find a garden. The changes you bring will affect the loot you get.

    Wilson told us that the cyberpunk version will be roughly the same, but you will be sent to the future to treat Vaal as a company, not an enterprise based on the sacrifice of the Aztecs. Wilson said: "So our idea is to make her time portal appear in the same role, but this time you enter a distant future, that is some punk company in the future city," Wilson said. "You want to enter this high-tech company, where there are guards equipped with laser guns, and you have to change what happened there. This is a lovely thing, because once you acquire good technology, you can understand this fantasy world the future of."

    This idea was not realized for some reasons. The Invasion League is only "medium popularity", and it seems unwise to create a Cyberpunk League near the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. A specific PoE team is particularly opposed. Wilson recalled: "Our art team said,'We didn't build a sci-fi league, it's crazy'. Therefore, this may never happen. So close to the game's release, it seems silly to match cyberpunk. . Mechanically speaking, it is the same as the invasion alliance. When we run the original alliance, the invasion alliance is only moderately popular. This also destroys the seriousness of the game and makes it suddenly jump into the distant future. It eliminates the concern about this Many mysteries of what will happen to the continent’s future."

    Although you don't have a cyberpunk alliance worth looking forward to, Path of Exile does have an Ocean-based alliance. If you want to get more advice on Path of Exile or want to build a powerful weapon, please click: POE Currency Buy.