Path of Exile: Robbery is the payday for action RPG

  • The third expansion of "Path of Exile" in 2020 is based on a new gameplay. This time, you plan to conduct a raid to steal loot such as Exalted Orb. "Path of Exile" will soon receive new content, and the expansion called "Heist" once again provides many new game mechanics.

    These are Heist’s most important innovations
        A new area: the rogue port will be the location of your attack.
        Thieves: You can assemble and equip your own robber group from a set of 13 characters.
        Robbery: New major game features require you to plan and conduct raids.
        New items: New accessories will affect your future robbery rewards. There are also duplicate projects that allow new builds.
        Alternative skill gems: There are other gems with alternative qualities. They can be more powerful than the original game, or they can use new ways of playing.
        Enchanting: You can provide particularly powerful enchanting to items, which may also have disadvantages.
        New skills: Some skills have been modified. There are also six new spells and a curse mechanism.

    What makes Heist so special?
    Many of the new updates in Path of Exile revolve around putting together and training your own group of bank robbers. Then you can steal various cultural relics with them in the new rogue port area. For each raid, you must reorganize your team to prepare for the special events of each coup. Once you remember the alarm, you will run away to protect your prey. To avoid this, you will be able to equip the crew with various items so that they can perform better.

    As a bonus, here are some loot items and new types of items that will affect future raids. There are also replicas of unique items. They are not necessarily worse than the original characters, but can sometimes be used in other ways and purposes, in particular, they can enable a new version of your character. If you miss the opportunity to get a new item, Buy POE Currency can help you find a new item type again.

    Path of Exile: Heist will be released on PC on September 18, 2020. The console version will be released in a few days as usual. This update is the third of the four extensions planned for 2020.