The developers of "Path of Exile 2" prefer the Beta version to

  • Grinding Gear Games has been balancing the new league output of "Path of Exile" with the RPG sequel. In any case, this is a delicate balance, but COVID-19 has made the rhythm a bit chaotic. Recently, Road of Exile has achieved another form of expansion, enabling players to build eye-catching gardens. Many players Buy POE Currency implement garden construction.

    The release date of "Path of Exile 2" has been unclear. Some people hope to release a beta version of Path of Exile 2 this year, but that will not happen. Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson told us that one of the reasons for this is not worth it. The studio can undoubtedly combine a beta version, but it does not provide the desired game test value.

    He said. "Are you running Beta to test some content and systems where there is no complete game?" Are you waiting to get closer to the release and run a more complete Beta? Therefore, it is very possible that we can test the current results relatively well, but I don't know how valuable it will be. This may have marketing value, but I would rather try to get some game testing value from it. "

    As for "Path of Exile 2" itself, Wilson admitted that it was a slow process because he wanted to ensure that the original version remained healthy and the studio no longer relied on follow-up actions to save them from possible disastrous consequences. Wilson told us: "This will take us a while. We have always had to extract resources from Path of Exile 2 to complete tasks on time, because my goal is not to miss any expansions and keep the game growing. Even if you never have Path of Exile 2, if you understand what I mean, it is only the most important reward. I don’t want to rely on Path of Exile 2 to fix some problems. Therefore, I will go all out on these expansions, and "Path of Exile 2" will take a long time."

    As Wilson suggested, during this period, there are many challenges to get POE Items to keep you busy. PoE's 3.12 update feature is robbed with minor adjustments and will be released later this month. Developers have taken inspiration from many unexpected resources, and this one is no different. Wilson told us that the idea behind PoE and Heist League came to mind when he and technical director Jonathan Rogers traveled across Netflix for inspiration.