Path of Exile will reach the Epic Games Store

  • "Grinding Gear Games" announced this weekend that "Path of Exile" will also be released on the Epic Games store when the next version of the game is released. The next expansion/league of the game was officially announced on September 1. Grinding Gear Games emphasized that games released on EGS will not affect the current Steam version. The next expansion of Path of Exile will be announced soon, now POE Currency Buy, so you can get the top experience of the game in the early game.

    The developer said: "With our 3.12 expansion in September, Path of Exile will be released on the Epic Games Store! We look forward to more action RPG fans who can use Path of Exile to play with the existing PC community . If you have friends who want to get acquainted with Path of Exile and want to play games on the Epic Games Store, we encourage you to invite them to join our future expansion plan, as they navigate the hostile world of Wraeclast together."

    The developer also clarified that the launch of "Path of Exile" on the Epic Games Store will not "cause any changes to the operation of the personal version and the Steam version", but just "look for another platform for the game and launch the client."

    "Path of Exile" is available for free through Steam or through the official website, and is one of the most used action role-playing games on the market. The game takes the player into a character who is only exiled in the sinister continent of Wraeclast. In the game, players must survive alone or in groups in this doomsday fantasy world inhabited by undead and dark creatures. Exalted Orb finally defeated the dark creatures due to the construction of various powerful weapons.