Madden 21 review is in progress

  • With brand new game modes, game adjustments and several familiar features, how good is EA's new game? Now is the time to officially review Madden 21. We will review how this game became the latest work in the Madden series. It's time to focus on Madden Coins.

    The Yard
    Perhaps the most outstanding part of Madden 21 is its new game mode The Yard. This game mode captures the needs of energetic backyard football players over the years and innovates it to change the overall way Madden plays. No matter how The Yard develops in Madden 21, it can easily become the best aspect of this year's game.

    New blocking system
    In terms of blockades, players also have a new system where they can "learn" how defensive players attack in each game. Regardless of turning off a particular defender, this memory exists throughout the game. In addition to these changes, the button layout for sprint actions has also been improved. These changes improve the sense of defense by placing more control on the right finger. This is an intuitive change that players can quickly adjust.

    Facing franchise
    Franchise, with many elements that the player base is looking for, a story-based game mode that allows players to rise on the journey of players seeking major achievements. Unfortunately, that story has no mobility and is poorly written. You will definitely encounter many of the same problems encountered in other Madden games, including insurmountable matches and animations that cause damage on both sides of the ball. These mistakes can be very frustrating at major moments. There is already a patch that fixes some problems, and there will be more patches. Although these problems can cause early frustration, they should disappear quickly.

    Madden's ultimate team
    There are some new changes to the MUT in Madden 21. The first thing players will notice is the change in card design. The new card design is great, can reduce the content of the previous version, and include more relevant information with a functional logo. However, the appearance of the cards is not the only thing that changes. The biggest change in Madden 21's MUT is the "capacity cap", which changes the way players train their star players. Through customization, you can change the way stars play on the field. Even if many star players are the same, each MUT team will feel like a different team. As always, Buy Madden 21 Coins can be exchanged for star players.