NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Bringing progress to the next generation of ga

  • NBA 2K21 games can be moved to each generation of the same console series in MyTeam mode, and players’ NBA 2K21 MT will also be shared. Players can even play the current version and the next version at will.

    This is a very popular model, which focuses on micro-transactions and card packs similar to loot boxes. The Progression in MyTeam will not continue to the new version of the game. Players restart every year. Although the standard version of NBA 2K21 will not be upgraded to a newer game console for free, users who get the "Mamba Forever" special edition will get the code to download the next version of the game. This also doubled the purchase of 100,000 VC players in the deluxe version.

    Another upcoming all-round change in NBA 2K21 MyTeam will be to switch to a mode that provides content by season, similar to games like Rainbow Six: Siege or Fortnite. It is worth mentioning that Bonisch said: "It has no compensation," which means that no matter what reward the player pursues, it cannot be purchased in a battle pass-like mode. The season should last about six weeks.

    Boenisch said: "Some seasons will add new game content for you," Boenisch refers to a series of NBA 2K20 challenges that provide currency rewards in the game and end with MyTeam senior players. "Other seasons may add new features to the game, or increase the rewards you will chase throughout the season," Boenisch added. "I really hope that every past season feels fresh. I hope that the start of the new season will cause a sensation in the MyTeam community, and we can all unite and be excited about it."

    The rest of Boenisch explains the mode features of NBA 2K21, including changes to the MyTeam Unlimited mode, the weekend-only MyTeam Limited series and the World Exchange, where players can Buy MT for upgrades.