Path of Exile: Blooming Effect-The new patch saves our sight

  • Matthias Brückle at 12:00 pm on August 18, 2020, since the update of "Path of Exile", players have been complaining about the unbearable blooming effect, making certain areas visually unplayable. If you have been exploring the Delve Mine on the Path of Exile recently, you want to carry your goggles with you when using the torch. Since the developers have built new blooming effects in the game, some of them provide absolutely dazzling effects. Patch 3.11.1f finally provides controls to control the halo effect. POE Currency Buy can now be used to trade goggles.

    "Bloom" will now be applied after "Exposure", which will reduce the bloom intensity of the game. A "Bloom" slider has been added to "Graphics Options", allowing you to adjust the intensity of the glow effect from 25% of its basic intensity to 130%. Many areas have been adjusted so they are no longer so bright. According to the developers, less than 25% of Bloom is not feasible because certain skills require effects to be fully visible.

    Although players will be interested in Bloom’s improvements, the patch also fixes some other bugs and glitches:

        Now, sending a message containing "WTS" in the global chat channel will automatically switch to the trading channel.
        No special characters are required to search for public groups.
        Fixed a bug, you can enter the Holy Grove outside of the Harvest Alliance.
        Fixed a bug, before interacting with the seed pod, the letters leading to the sacred forest portal can be seen in different map areas.
        Fixed a bug that could cause the room to appear twice in the Temple of Asoatl.
        Fixed a bug from 3.11.1d that caused the delayed shock wave generated by the betrayal skill "X-Slash" to not cause damage.

    The Bloom effect has finally been improved at the last minute, and we would love to see such an update. Now you can use POE Items to construct powerful weapons without being disturbed by the Bloom effect. Let us look forward to what surprises 3.12 will bring to us.