Path of Exile Patch 3.11.1f receives final improvements

  • GGG released patch 3.11.1f for "Path of Exile" this week. This is very unsatisfactory since the Bloom system update, and the developers seem to be overstretching. It looks like it got some improvements at the last minute. This is a good improvement, now take the POE Items in your hand and build a powerful weapon.

    Specifically, these improvements are related to blooming:
        "Bloom" will now be applied after "exposure", resulting in a decrease in Bloom intensity throughout the game, especially in dark areas.
        A "Glow" slider has been added to "Graphics Options", allowing you to adjust the intensity of the glow effect from 25% of its basic intensity to 130%.
        Adjusted many regional environments to reduce the brightness.
        Reduced the intensity of Delve Flares' Bloom effect.

    The patch also fixes some other errors:
        Fixed a client crash error when using Shield Charge.
        Fixed a client-side crash that may occur when Vulkan renders and takes screenshots.
        Fixed an instance crash that may occur in the unique map of the Master Hall.

    You can also search for complete patch notes. In related news, Grinding Gear Games recently explained why Harvest League will not be included in the main game content. If you want a better experience of the current season, then Buy POE Currency is a good way. In addition, stay tuned for the news that the team announced 3.12 on September 1.