Path of Exile Review

  • Our "Path of Exile" review tells you whether the game is worth continuing to play in 2020. In short: that is, if you can be a little bit more complicated.

    In the beginning, GGG created all the paths of exile that "Diablo III" should have. Since their launch, these two games have undergone great changes and improvements. However, presenting yourself as a sequel to "Diablo II fan-made" is enough to start this indie game.

    POE is a breakthrough RPG that develops every year. When it was released, it had three actions and a POE Currency system, which provided a 30-hour gaming experience. Now, it has ten actions and endless post-match events.

    The problem is that the game is constantly evolving and expanding. Developers launch an "alliance" every three, six or twelve months, which is the idea of ??other games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and Destiny.

    The PoE alliance adds new systems, challenges, rewards and loot. You can always start a role in the league, and there are no lessons. After the league, your character will enter the standard league.

    One of the biggest POE expansions is the addition of games to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019. The plot is irrelevant. This is about exiles fighting hordes of demons with fire, swords and explosions. Nevertheless, its dark fantasy environment is exciting.

    Path of Exile’s production system and a wealth of loot, you have at least 100 hours of solo experience. Otherwise, you can Buy POE Currency. The best part of the game is how to play the whole story with up to four friends. In addition, you can enter specific maps with other team members. As you take away more people, your enemies will be proportionally more challenging.