Path of Exile Patch 1.63 fixes store crash

  • Grinding Gear Games released another patch for "Path of Exile", this time the patch mainly focuses on repairing POE Currency, such as the game crashing in the micro-transaction store.

    When an error occurred, Grinding Gear Games accidentally prevented them from earning revenue from the console. When the player visited the microtransaction store, the error caused the client to crash. Patch 1.63 and many other issues have corrected this problem. Another console-specific fix is ??that players can now delete currencies from the market in Rogue Harbour.

    Another focus of this update is to improve the robbery experience for all exiles. For example, the "Heist Target" blueprint will now generate one to three item levels than the area level.

    Some looting monsters can use their skills by closing the door, but this is no longer the case. In addition, if the player uses the league interface hotkey, Tibbs and Niles will no longer get stuck on unlocked loot chests.

    Now, using the "Show Entire Wing" button in the "Blueprint", "Show User Interface" will correctly grant the progress of the "Show Room" step in the "Complete Heist Encounter IV" challenge.

    The conditional challenge to defeat the twins can now be completed correctly, and the issue that players cannot buy POE Items has been resolved. In addition, a visual error that caused the "Brute Force" level modifier to display the "Perception" level modifier was also fixed.

    The console and Heist fixes may be the focus, but more crash fixes and general improvements are listed on the GGG forum.