NBA 2K21 Next Generation Vs. Comparison of Current Generation S

  • This is inevitable.

    After publishing the first NBA 2K21 next-generation screenshot, we will see a comparison photo of the player. He is the first person to receive side-by-side therapy since Zion Williamson, the next-generation cover athlete of the standard edition.

    I tried to get the current generation of Williamson with the facial expressions closest to the facial expressions captured in the game, and this is what I thought of before making this photo.

    Initially, when I looked at the next-generation screenshots, I thought that 2K people might choose the better NBA 2K21 MT as the first observation of the next-generation features. I still have this feeling. However, when I placed the two pictures side by side, the difference was obvious.

    Although the current version looks good, it looks more like a cartoon and frankly doesn't look like Williamson, rather than the next-generation right-side on-demand rendering. This is a promising preview, especially when you think about it. The overall view of the game will include 10 players, referees, officials, cheerleaders and fans on the field, all of whom may all have the same loyalty.

    If we combine the realistic body types, the smooth animations and realistic sounds I expect, then we might be looking at things that can reshape the appearance of sports video games.

    I have seen the faces of FIFA players, and if we use them as a barometer of Madden's face rendering expectations, then I would say that 2K is an early advantage related to player models. In 2k, Buy MT is the best way to play.

    We will continue to observe the next generation of sports events to see if this situation will continue.