Path of Exile: Experience the new Heist expansion on the Epic G

  • The new expansion plan of Heist’s “Path of Exile” is proceeding as scheduled, adding a lot of news, new leagues, and downloading and playing games through the Epic Games Store.

    The grand heist is actually the final content of this update, and will provide players with the opportunity to get interesting rewards, including POE Currency and “replicas” of unique items, which differ slightly from their items.

    Players need to start a heist in a rogue port, where I can hire thieves to help them carry out the heist. 13 people will assist in the establishment and execution of the heist. Each of them will play a unique role, including transporters, theft and demolition patient experts.

    Before committing a heist, you need to find valuable tools and understand defensive measures. For this, it is necessary to get the contract on the original Wraeclast map and conduct a barter transaction to get the company members needed to complete the heist.

    When you die during the heist, there is also a penalty mechanism: mission failure will cause the loss of all stolen goods lost by the company. To facilitate the completion of the task, it is necessary to pay attention to the alarms scattered around the map. If the alarm sounds, it will provide the player with a time to forcibly extract the timer.

    This update equips group members taking part in the heist with these objects, so they can get various rewards for their roles from time to time.

    However, this expansion is the most interesting, the longest move is the trinkets of thieves. These new items will be equipped in new slots in the dedicated inventory and will provide modifiers suitable for enemies and chest drops in the Path of Exile world.

    Finally, keep in mind that the system where the Exile Path stores files on the hard drive has been modified recently, and if you have not done so, you can Buy POE Currency. You can read all the news about Heist on the English site.