Madden 21: still flawed

  • The franchise of sports video games is one of the most money-hungry companies in the modern economy.

    Many sports video game fans are tired of the current cycle the company follows: update the roster, slightly change the design and sell millions of dollars.

    EA Sports released Madden 21 at the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) season this fall, bringing a new version of the legendary football video game series.

    This year, EA Sports’ biggest selling point for Madden is the "yard" and typical Madden 21 Coins game modes, such as "Franchise", "Career", "Ultimate Team" and "Superstar KO".

    The focus that EA Sports has not changed in the annual competition is the "ultimate team." The "Ultimate Team" brought them money through the purchase of gift packages, thereby obtaining rare cards in the card collecting game mode that they dominate the sports game industry.

    The "Franchise" mode and the "Career" mode are actually the same, but the storyline of the "Career" mode is very small. But what changes every year is the "ultimate team".

    New cards, new programs and new packages can make more money, "Ultimate Team". It is Madden's focus year after year. Madden 21 has not changed.

    Despite the success of "Yard", Madden once again failed to provide fresh new products. The problem with releasing games every year is that they must complete tasks quickly. Before the fast deadline, it is difficult to make significant progress in mechanics, game modes, and game appearance.

    But this does not justify Madden's apparently making money. A good new game mode cannot justify others.

    The advantage of previous Madden games is the "franchise" model. Many features in the game mode make consumers feel like the real general manager or coach of the NFL team. Now, the game mode itself is a shell, with very barebones functions, providing a pleasant playback experience only when it is played for the first time.

    After obtaining the first franchise file, each subsequent play will become less and less. Consumers know how to play the game the way they want and can easily manipulate the algorithm. Simulation realism is biased, with role players and below-average players winning the "Most Valuable Player" or leading the league in the statistical category.

    The "Franchise" model has obvious obvious flaws, but the "Franchise" has no downloadable content. It discourages children from picking up their mother’s credit card and buying a pack, so they will take time to improve the game modes that make money and let players have more fun through Buy Madden 21 Coins. On the one hand, it is difficult to blame EA for this. On the other hand, it is regrettable to continue to release semi-finished games every year to make more money.

    In order to produce complete, high-quality games, EA will either need to stop the annual release schedule or focus on the aspects of the game they have neglected for five years. In the half-time full game, the franchise of this team gets half a point.