Path of Exile: Some questions about the League of Heist have be

  • On September 18, the Path of  exile and the heist began. The unveiling of the "Ocean Eleven" has caused a lot of questions from the community, because the content displayed is quite different from the usual gameplay. When a robber breaks into a building, we must be careful not to sound the alarm, otherwise the valuable treasure may escape and we will lose our lives. Does this make ARPG an invisible emulator that no longer allows us to let go?

    The developer has given all the clear requirements in the FAQ of "Liga Heist": the pace remains normal, but if the alarm is triggered and you want to loot some treasure or POE Currency, you just need to worry. But this is just one of many important findings in the large FAQ directory that the developers have published. Therefore, they also detailed the vocal cords of the traitor, the card drops during the heist, and confirmed that you (as the summoner) are also allowed to revive and rob opponents by heist!

    They can all plunder from angry monsters, including sapphire mines and mazes. You can also obtain a floor plan (a major coup d'etat) through a mission (heist). If you successfully complete the heist and trade in handicrafts, you will receive it. You also have more Signa than the amount spent in the heist. "

    Cultural relics are the main target of looting. Before the robbery begins, the artifacts to be tracked will be displayed on the homework. If you successfully complete the looting and obtain the artifact, you can obtain it from Faustus' fence. Replace Renigard Port with a much larger Signa number than you did during the heist. The artifact has no other functions in the game.

    If the mission is to be carried out, it must be handed over to Adiya the Tracker in Traitor Harbor. To carry out the heist, you need to pay her a certain amount of Signa to ensure transportation safety and select the traitors to take to the heist. Just like playing cards, you can customize tasks to customize difficulty and rewards.

    In Path of Exile: Heist, you will meet the guards in this Kurai planning room. For example, she will help you build a team. Source: For GGG to launch a coup, you must pay a Signa fee to the barber Whakano so that he can provide you with the information he has obtained from your previous robbery. This information can show escape routes, bonus rooms, etc. Show any amount you want (or can pay), and then bring the floor plan to the planning room at Renegade Port, where the manager Kurai will help you rent the appropriate NPC and confirm the floor plan.

    At this point, you can trade with other players or give it to Aditya for a major coup. However, the main difference is that with POE Currency Buy, you can lay the foundation for great coups and plundering Signa and other items, and great coups can provide exclusive rewards. These include jewelry, gems of alternative quality, rare weapons and body armor with enchantments, experimental basic types and replicas of unique items. "