Unique items in the Path of Exile Heist

  • In the update of Path of Exile Robbery, players need to hire some thieves to help them complete the robbery. On a larger scale, Grand Heists will allow players to obtain three Rogues. Each wing in the Grand Heist facility will have its own alert level, so plan carefully. Careful planning also means planning your escape route in advance to minimize collisions with the never-ending protective waves after capturing artifacts. Someone might think that the "big heist" will mean a higher jackpot, right? The goal of the big robbery was to hide the vault of many awards behind the glass showcase. The player can only hold one of them, the rest will be left behind.

    To successfully complete the robbery, players need to hire thieves in the port, and then help these thieves prepare items, these items will increase the thieves' privacy factor, damage output or other characteristics. After the robbery is over, some people even reduce the profit cut by the thief. You can use POE Currency to upgrade the thieves' equipment in the same way as ordinary Mod upgrades.

    Is the robbery really worth the trouble? The only item in the replica certainly looks like a worthy weight of gold. For example, the Death Bow of the Steel Commander can cause incredible damage when creating a player totem. When switching from the Siege Ball Cannon to the Shrapnel Ball Cannon, the copy will have similar statistics. Similarly, Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail has strong statistics and has regeneration properties. Although the reproducible attribute will be changed to a "damaged over time" attribute, its copy will have more statistics. Trying out "Dungeon Uniqueness" will provide hundreds of new construction possibilities for hardcore players on "Path of Exile", some of which may become the best the game can offer.

    In addition to unique items, players can also find special weapons and armor spells. These spells almost violate the rules of the game, so players will realize that if they find a first-class spell, it will bring a huge disadvantage. For example, the Storm Relic Lord will increase the effectiveness of the physical modifier by 15%, but in return, it must be used twice the attribute requirement. Other magical items, such as the full dragonscale armor of the Eagle Shroud, will only bring benefits, such as connecting all the sockets together for better reuse.

    Players who complete the heist will get a lot of rare items, which is very helpful for the player's subsequent game process, but players who have not completed the robbery need not worry, POE Orbs will also make you stronger in the game.