Path of Exile's Heist expansion is going for the big score this

  • Grinding Gear Games' large free action role-playing game "Path of  Exile" has a new expansion-Heist on September 18. The nominal looters are the main attraction, in which you can break into various dungeons and fortresses with a group of people, get as much loot as possible, and then escape before being caught and killed.

    For new players, this is a daunting proposal, but I chatted with lead designer Chris Wilson about the new extensions and all the new content available, as well as the ideas that have been nearly seven years after the release.

    Heist will be one of the larger vacancies that have long been added to the path of exile. To carry out a heist, you must first reach a new area with many thieves and scattered people-the rogue port. This will be the center of your heist activity, and allows you to recruit new NPC characters named Rogues to help you complete the mission. After the mission is completed, you will get a lot of POE Currency, which can contain up to 13 characters.

    You have to pay all the expenses of Rogue Harbor, even just to visit. Chris thinks this should give the area a feeling of mercenary, everything you do is concession. These cool kids have unique skills to assist you in criminal activities, so their effectiveness is interesting.

    All this is to prepare for a big heist. In a "heist", you have to wander in various dungeons, steal and try not to alert the guards before rushing out of the basement after the alarm. In a big robbery, you must use the various abilities of your allies to complete multiple individual heists, which is very expensive to plan and prepare.

    Some thieves may have special lock collection capabilities that can help you on the way, while others can help you climb through pipes and over the bad guys to avoid detection. Completing the ultimate goal requires players to Buy Chaos Orb to successfully obtain generous returns.

    However, if you don't participate in the heist, you can always weigh your marks and contracts and then enjoy all the new loot, from trinkets to "replicas" of unique items, which, according to Chris, encourages weirdness and weirdness. Character construction can make full use of various effects and modifiers.