NBA 2K21 ratings of LeBron James and other top stars

  • NBA 2K21 is out, and so are the ratings of LeBron James and other superstars in the league. The NBA has a lot of fans. I believe that every fan wants to stand on the court like his idol. The game NBA 2K21 provides a good opportunity. In the game, players can really feel the thrill of NBA. , And NBA 2K21 MT can help players get their favorite star role.

    James and Giannis Antetokounmpo are the highest ranked players in the game. Both of them ranked with 97 points. Kawhi Leonard and James Harden are followed at 96, followed by Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry at 95.

    Luka Doncic and Damian Lillard are ranked 94th, and Joel Embiid is 91st.

    With NBA 2K21 already playing, we are going to hold the playoffs in 2020, which is really crazy. Normally, players will now prepare for the 2020-21 season, but after the COVID-19 interruption, the NBA’s calendar may never be the same again.

    So far, the second round of the 2020 playoffs has been fascinating in the Eastern Conference. The Miami Heat led the Milwaukee Bucks 2-0, while the Boston Celtics led the Toronto Raptors 3-0 by just 0.4 seconds away, and the Raptors swingman OG Anunoby defeated Kyle. Specials won the championship buzzer forward Jaylen Brown.

    The Los Angeles Clippers easily defeated the Denver Nuggets in the first game. On Friday we will have a game between the Lakers and the Rockets.

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