NBA 2K21: Expectations of some modes in the current version

  • On September 4, the current version of NBA 2K21 will be released. At least by the normal standard of 2K, information about the game is very scarce, and many fans wonder what will happen.

    I think most people can attest that based on our experience in the demo, the gameplay seems to have improved significantly. After answering the questions about this part, the next query is related to the function.

    I have been exposed to as much pre-release information as possible, and have summarized the brief expectations that each user should have for all 2K modes. There are few details (if any) on the PNO telling me that fans should expect this mode to be fully functional like NBA 2K20, not just to improve the experience through NBA 2K21 MT.

    I hope to see that the story is different or at least separate from the regular MyPlayer research, but it seems we insist on using the same formula.

    The neighbor is now called 2K Beach, so from the outside, it will be very different. Other than that, apart from a few new sponsors of the same type as the NBA 2K20 game, I don't expect any major differences.

    What bothers me is that the "neighbor" of NBA 2K20 has become the lifeblood of the model, but you cannot understand the overall impact and genius behind the concept.

    Sometimes I am still amazed by the basketball world created by 2K and its social and cultural heritage. I would like to see some kind of tournament or league setting feature, but there is no dispute before the release. In fact, the Jordan Rec and Pro-Am scenarios may remain basically unchanged, which is where potential NBA2K league players will primarily hone their skills.

    If you have thoroughly studied all the modes and tried to determine which ones will bring the most obvious improvements, then I hope it is MyTeam.

    The Seasons concept of transforming patterns into real-time services is interesting. In addition, the weekend event called MyTeam Limited is a step in the right direction as it relates to a more structured experience.

    There is also a novel and mysterious term "dark matter" that can refer to higher-level gem cards or Buy NBA 2K21 MT used by players in your collection. In any case, 2K users who plan to upgrade to the next generation or are just MyTeam fans may get the most services among all 2K sub-communities.