Two of the best shooting guard cards in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Clu

  • Four days ago, the new NBA 2K21 MyTeam limited time promotion called Clutch started. This new promotion adds two time-limited packages, all of which will expire on September 18. In addition, MyTeam has added a new Clutch card. It divides the Clutch package into a standard version and a deluxe version for players to choose from. Players who spend 10500 NBA 2K21 MT to purchase the standard Clutch package can get one player and four items. Those who spend 17,250 2K MT to purchase the deluxe Clutch package can get more.

    As the strongest star in NBA history, Michael Jordan with a total score of 91 is undoubtedly strong. Players who want to strengthen the team’s shooting can choose him. Jordan is not only the greatest star in NBA history but also the strongest shooting guard in history who has an unstoppable scoring ability. Although his three-point shooting ability and rebounding ability are weak, he can definitely surprise players in defense. He is a star who has selected to the NBA’s first defensive team nine times.

    Kobe Bryant, the second best attacking defender in history, is hands down the most accurate player. Given his physical condition, his rebound ability isn’t very good, but it’s best whether in defense or with the team. According to the running effect, the number of Kobe points in the clutch bag reaches 90. If the players so wish, hurry.

    Although the final price of these two players will certainly not be low, it is worth the players' efforts. Players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS which is very cost-effective. Rush!