Gaining many 2K21 MT and Tokens is a top priority for 2K player


    Since the release of the NBA 2K series of games, there have been several currency forms such as MT and VC in the game. Take MT as an example, players can use it to buy many powerful player cards. It means that if they can use these currencies properly, they can promote the progress of the game. So how to get enough NBA 2K21 MT in the game has become a problem that most players are thinking about now.

    But we well know it takes players to spend a lot of money or time to get 2K MT. Under normal circumstances, players with plenty of time will complete the rewarding challenges to get sufficient MT. If the players perform very well in the game, then the system will give them more MT. Some players will put their idle player cards on the auction house list for sale to increase their MT number.

    Tokens are specific currencies used only in NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. With these, players can buy players offered through the token market. The market offers different levels of cards, and they use each card for a different number of tokens. Player cards of different levels correspond to the number of tokens they need. They can get the token for free in a variety of ways.

    The last method is for players to enter the locker code to get MT and Tokens for free. Usually the code will provide players with many player card packs and other types of rewards. These players can Buy Cheap 2K21 MT at GameMS, so they can also save a lot of money and it is fast and convenient.