What should players pay attention to during the whole robbery

  • As more and more people attracted by Heist to join POE and become loyal players, many novice players have some questions such as the correct usage scenario of POE Currency. And GGG’s Chris Wilson recently held a press conference to help players better understand the true meaning of POE games. They can log in to the official POE forum to see which questions he answered. Perhaps the Ask Anything post on Reddit received an enthusiastic response.

    In such a short time, Reddit AMA received over 1.3K comments, but Chris did his best to answer everything he could. Players can now view the entire AMA on Reddit because it is too long and too busy to pick dozens or even hundreds of information provided in each comment topic. The second FAQ on the official forum contains a lot of information, which may make adventurous players interested in the new POE league, or they can view all the answers in the official theme.

    Even if the players suddenly disconnected in Heist, as long as the alarm does not sound, they can still continue the previous robbery. If a player needs to trade items, they need to know that they cannot withdraw from the ongoing robbery mission. It is either before the robbery or after the robbery. If they are robbing in a treasure chest, they may trigger an alarm when the players crush the restrictions outside the box. The players’ own alarm levels are also shared among all team members.

    Players try their best to escape from the scene after looting precious items instead of pestering the guards. The best option is to get past them and leave as soon as possible instead of wasting energy and time with them. So before starting to act, players need to Buy POE Orbs and POE Items to get items that can facilitate them to rob and make all risk plans.