There are a lot of fun elements in the new league that POE is a

  • With the release date of the new POE league getting closer and more news about the new league, players are more and more interested in it. According to the news released by the POE game team on September 1, the players seem to be about to embark on the road of robbery. So they are thinking, is it worth the time to study the specific plans of the Grand Heists and implement them? Although players who succeed in the robbery will definitely get many POE Currency and other trophies afterwards, there are many risks in the entire process.

    The only item in the replica looks like a worthy weight of gold. For example, the Death Bow of the Steel Commander can cause incredible damage when creating a player totem. When switching from the Siege Ball Cannon to the Shrapnel Ball Cannon, the copy will have similar statistics. Similarly, Ambu’s Charge Crusader Chainmail has strong statistics and has regeneration properties. It will provide hundreds of new construction possibilities for hardcore POE players, some of which may become the best the game can offer.

    Besides unique items, players can also find special weapons and armor enchants. The Ascendency extension originally introduced enchanting. Enchanting will give items special attributes without occupying modifier slots. These enchantments almost break the rules of the game, so that if players find top-notch enchantments, they will notice that they may bring major flaws. Other enchanted items, such as Eagle Shroud Full Dragon scale armor, will only benefit players.

    Finally, a new item type called trinket will introduce in the game, which will affect the drop probability of rare items during the robbery. We will place these in new equipment slots, which means players can equip trinkets without damaging their current figure. High-quality gems may become one of all loot after players complete the Grand Heists. As they gain quality and allow multiple construction possibilities, these attributes will vary. It is the focus of their attention for players to Buy POE Trade Currency to prepare for the arrival of the new league well.