POE 3.12 will show players an epic RPG game look

  • Tomorrow will be September of this year. Players have already known that the POE game team will release many activities in September. It includes POE’s tenth anniversary celebration and Mac's version of the POE release work, and the next new league will also release in September. The first platform to release POE 3.12 is PC, so PC players can prepare some POE Currency to deal with the upcoming challenges.

    Grinding Gear Games emphasized that games released on EGS will not affect the current Steam version. For safety reasons, it will not affect the operation of the standalone or Steam version of POE. This is another interface where you can find the game and launch the client from it.

    Tomorrow the POE game team will release detailed information about POE 3.12. It is not only to show players what is interesting in the upcoming new expansion, but also to urge players who lack POE Items to make some preparations. The PC-side POE 3.12 will release on September 18, and the POE on the game console will release five days later than the PC. For example, GGG earlier explained its release schedule for 3.12.

    As the epidemic affected the current Harvest development work, it took the developers 14 weeks to complete it, resulting in the next two leagues requiring them to invest more time and energy to release the remaining two leagues on time. It means they need to develop one extension within 12 weeks to make up for that wasted time. Players also need to make all preparations to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to reserve materials for the next 3.12.