There are too many things to be busy with the POE team in Septe

  • The POE game team invested a lot of effort and time in the development of various activities in September. In the coming September, they will not only hold the 10th anniversary celebration but also work on the POE adaptation of the Mac. The most regular and most important thing is that the release of the next new league also requires them to worry about. It is a lively event for players, and they need to prepare some POE Currency to cope with the upcoming complex situations.

    Various news about POE are everywhere on the Internet. For those players who have worked hard in the Harvest League, these upcoming challenges are not terrible. They have long used the mechanism of Harvest to create a lot of wealth for themselves, and they have enough materials to consume and maintain a lot of game activities. The arrival of POE 3.12 bound to push the popularity of the game itself to a higher peak.

    POE developers are also very busy this year. Because of the global spread of COVID-19, many game companies can only arrange for their developers to work from home. Fortunately, the developers have done a wonderful job, not only launching the Harvest League just a week later than usual but also improving a lot of various functions and items in the game. It also improves the game experience of players. Everyone is gearing up and waiting to enter the new league of POE fierce battle.

    The new league that will appear in September is already the third league released by GGG this year. We expect it will release on the 18th of next month. Although players who are looking forward to POE 2 will not see it this year, the new and more fun leagues will fill the holes in the hearts of players. Those beginners had better Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs first and then go to meet those unknown challenges.