Some very good tips for those Madden players who already obsess


    Players will receive different rewards after purchasing different versions of Madden 21. The only thing that may be the same is that the reward contains some MUT 21 Coins and rare player cards. After receiving the reward, players should first open their gold team fantasy pack. They will provide a variety of rewards, which will help players have a clearer understanding of their current lineup, and then they will know where to strengthen.

    After completing the player configuration, players can consider how the solo challenge in Madden 21 should carry out. The first set of tasks is very simple, and once they can accumulate the difficulty, they deserve additional rewards. Please pay attention to the reward goals of the task, because these goals will also provide additional rewards and if the players know in advance, that things will become simple.

    After completing the initial challenge tasks, players must consider the captain of their team. They can try out the four captains in the game and choose the most suitable one to be the captain of their own team. Don’t choose whoever you like to be the captain. The attributes and abilities of each captain are different, so players must choose the captain that matches their team.

    The last key tip is not to be too obsessed with rare stars and buy a large number of card packs hoping you can draw powerful players. It is not worth the players to spend a lot of money to do because the probability of being able to draw rare stars is very low. They only need to choose the star that best suits the depth of their lineup in the store to allow the team to perform exceptionally in the game. Compared to spending money to buy a lot of card packs to draw a lottery, going to Buy MUT 21 Coins to buy the most suitable star looks much more cost-effective.