The Mac version of POE creates a fresh way for players to play

  • Some time ago, GGG announced on the official website that the development of the Mac version of POE is proceeding in an orderly manner. Users of the Apple system will download POE in the app store for free and start the game next month. The game team claimed that the content of the POE on PC and Mac is the same. Users of both operating systems will receive updates at the same time and can also use the same account to play games. If there are users who want to play it, they can find out how to get POE Currency now.

    Those Mac users who are looking forward to it, don't be overwhelmed by joy. Now they can't find the download address of POE in the App Store. The macOS version of the game will be available on the official website and on Steam. The developer did not explain why this decision was made. Although many gamers use PCs on computers for gambling, some people like to use Macs for games. From September, game fans will be able to do so. The developer has confirmed the release of the macOS version.

    Mac users always had to switch to PC or Xbox or PS4 to play POE because of platform restrictions. There are some solutions, but there is no official Mac client for New Zealanders ARPG in Grinding Gear Games. Everything will change in September. Because then there will be a Mac version of POE. They can try it when they release it in the next extension of path 3.12.

    The POE for Mac does not differ from the PC version. When it is officially released, Mac users and players on other platforms will receive updates or patches from the POE team at the same time. Based on the same user account, players can also switch freely between PC and Mac, which depends on which platform the players are using. GGG has paid a lot for this. Mac users should hurry and Buy Path of Exile Currency to be fully prepared to welcome it. Time is limited.