The emergence of NBA 2K21 Seasons and badges makes players more

  • In the years since the release of MyTeam mode, it has gradually become the player’s favorite NBA 2K mode. Spending NBA 2K21 MT to build a reasonable and strong lineup has become the correct way for players to win. 2K released the blog of executive producer Erick Boenisch on 2K Friday, which details the latest version of the model that will release. Players can see the following highlights in the blog post.

    Those players who have the same console series can transfer their own player cards and MT between PS4 or PS5 and Xbox1 or Xbox Series X. MyTeam introduced the Seasons concept, which will last about six weeks, and released new content in this mode throughout the life cycle of NBA 2K21. All MyTeam players can take part in Seasons for free. MyTeam fully embraces its existence as a real-time service. The executive producer of 2K expressed his hope that this model will be alive throughout the game’s release cycle.

    The Seasons concept aims to give each part of the MyTeam calendar a theme, which may have a certain cohesion in multiple functions such as Triple Threat, Unlimited and other modes. This year, this is indeed an important part of the MyTeam structure, as it is likely to define how the model will roll out content to the future-even the future version of NBA 2K.

    2K will bring back badge cards and allow you to add them to players so they can upgrade their special skills from Bronze level to Hall of Fame level. In addition, it takes the concept of Evolution cards to another level. Now players can customize the evolution path of qualified cards. Before NBA 2K21, which will release on the fourth of next month, they’d better Buy NBA 2K21 MT For Sale in advance to meet the changing game content.