Many POE players are speculating whether the Harvest League wil


    The Path of Exile Harvest League has been running for two months. Each player has more or less got some POE Currency and loot through his own hard work. Some players say that they are very willing that the Harvest League can become the mainstream league after POE, so they can experience the relaxation that agricultural activities bring to them for a long time. It is thanks to the unique game mechanics in Harvest that so many players love it.

    The POE developers answered this. Old game players know how many handicrafts in POE can help them. Many skills and equipment help make every player very confident to face all the challenges in the game. Chaos Orb can define the true value of each piece of equipment. What Harvest makes players love the most is that if the players are hardworking, then these players need not spend extra money to get what they want.

    To the disappointment of most players, the developers stated that Harvest may not become a mainstream league. The developers know that Harvest has unlimited production potential. It is because of this that it can be so popular. Although at the beginning of the league’s release, Harvest’s performance was very successful. From a long-term perspective, it is not suitable for becoming a mainstream league. The most powerful equipment originally required a lot of work and investment, but now it not needed. The entire league needs some adjustments to occupy a place in the main game.

    Although some players can understand the deep meaning expressed by the POE developers, there are still many players who cannot accept the reality that Harvest cannot become a mainstream league. They played very happily in the current league, saving money and reaping a lot of generous rewards. Novice players as long as they go to POE Currency Buy and POE Items before entering Harvest can use it for a very long time. Now we can only look forward to next month’s POE’s upcoming tenth anniversary celebration and the new league.